PLA~CEL™ Placenta

PLA~CEL™ Placenta 活性羊胎盘素口服胶囊

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Anti-Ageing, A Health Revolution

PLA~CEL™ Placenta is a live stem cell therapy that strongly emphasises on providing the highest quality sheep placenta. It adopts cutting edge cell preservation techniques, as well as the application of scientifically proven absorption technologies.

PLA~CEL™ Placenta is a high-potency cell builder containing a rich source of proteins and hormones, which originates from New Zealand which is known for her environmental purity and where pollution is almost non-existent.

PLA~CEL™ Placenta is an absolute powerhouse of nutrition for restoring health, energy, vibrancy and beauty. The placenta of sheep is proven to be the most compatible in meeting the nutritional needs of human beings due to their similarities in DNA.

PLA~CEL™ 活细胞胎盘素强调提供最高品质的活细胞胎盘素和采用最先进和北科学证实的细胞保存技术以达到能够完全吸收对人体有益的成份配制而成的一种活性干细胞疗法

PLA~CEL™ 活细胞胎盘素源制被全世界公认最纯净和无污染的国家,新西兰。PLA~CEL™ 活细胞胎盘素含有对人体有益的蛋白质营养和荷尔蒙以能够达到让人体细胞修复,维护和再生最有效的功能

研究显示,羊胎盘素的DNA和人类的DNA非常相似所以能够给予人类最需要的营养物质。PLA~CEL™ 活细胞胎盘素绝对是一种能够快速恢复体力,活力和永保青春的最佳保健食品。